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Art and contact. Dance and contact.

That’s how our cultural association Art’n’Roll was founded in 2013 with a view to exploring the city of Drama. It was the first contact with the local community. Our efforts were housed on the ground floor of a building nearby the train station and related to a variety of cultural events such as, theatre, children’s story telling, music with an emphasis on swing jazz, break dance, seminars and art exhibitions.

Tentart festival resulted from the need to create an annual outdoor celebration, which would be extrovert and would aim at bringing Drama to the foreground of artistic creation. The springs of Agia Barbara were an ideal site for the festival due to its natural beauty and historical significance, two important qualities which have been cherished and respected throughout the years.

Tentart festival functions as a venue where people are free to interact with others and their surroundings in a collective experience. The events and seminars are carefully selected so as to appeal to a variety of tastes and age groups.

The crowd immerses in this communal atmosphere and participates.

Art ‘n’ Roll wins the bet of the uninterrupted continuation of Tentart by keeping close to the local and foreign public and by channeling interaction between people and different expressions of art!

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